Page Skinning
What’s this?
Imprint your own unique image on our site! Homepage Skinning involves the placement of marketing visuals on the H&D Homepage to takeover the website’s interface.
The benefits
By allowing you to imprint your image and identity, our entire site essentially becomes a powerful brand identity for your communication & product offerings. You will gain uninhibited exposure to the audience, along with extended reach without compromising any marketing objectives.
The work of ART
Fret not if you do not have an artwork or creative concept on hand! Our team of creative talents; armed with their artistic concepts and remarkable skills, are here to cater to all your creative needs.
If you have the materials to synchronize all your marketing communications, do kindly provide them based on the specifications indicated.
Homepage Skinning Homepage Skinning (Click on the image for larger illustration)
Dimension Full canvas 1580 pixels (width) by 700 pixels (height)
Banners included Leaderboard
Refer to
File Size 200kb
File Format JPEG or GIF
Links Allowed Only ONE URL
Other Requirements/ Notes Skin sides will be blocked in 100% mode
Rich Format Elements are NOT accepted (E.g. Flash, QuickTime, Javascript, form & data capturing scripts)
Submitted artwork has to be 260 pixels on both the left and right sides of skin.
Do keep all important messages within 110(w) x 500(h) to ensure maximum visibility.
This placement is best viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1366px by 768px.
Side skins will be fixed at its position and will not move along when page is scrolled
Skinning artwork will only show when viewed on desktop and laptop. It might not be view-able on some mobile devices due to the resolution of the device.
Lead Time
(For Pure Media Buy)
5 working days prior to broadcast
Disclaimers & Notes:
1. Clients will be allowed up to a max. of 3 changes after receiving the first mock-up. A test broadcast will be done to allow client to have a view of the final eDM.
2. Any request of additional changes or test broadcast after the maximum times allowed will be subjected to a charge of S$250 (before GST).
3. Additional requests of changes might result in possible delay in the expected broadcasting date.
4. Any element NOT meeting the stated specifications will be returned for revision; in which case, there might be a possible delay in the expected live date.
5. All ad specifications stated indicate the maximum file size allowed. Exceeding the allowed limit stated might incur additional charges.
6. Publisher reserves the right to reject any creatives that do not adhere to the specifications stated.
7. The above specifications may be modified at the Publisher’s discretion at any time.